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Zefrankie goes to Hollywood

January 18, 2007

Zefrankie goes to HollywoodSeriously/hysterically-smartypants videoblogger ZeFrank is profiled in this remarkably (ze)frank New York Observer piece on what comes next for Ze (his year-long, five-days-a-week videoblogging project ‘the show with zefrank‘ ends on March 17th). Ironically, the show’s end will surely create enough vlog-ripples to result in a whole bunch of “new viewers” discovering the show, just in time to find out they’ve missed out on the daily spectacle of it (Ze’s made a habit of creating deliberately obtuse shows designed to mis-direct new viewers as to the true nature of the show – complete with the question, “have the new viewers gone yet?“)



iPhone in a blender?

January 18, 2007

You just know that the guy with the Blendtec blender is itching to blend an iPhone. But buyer beware – before you consider the purchase of an over-powered internet-advertised kitchen appliance, heed this warning. There is one question you should ask and it’s not “will it blend”…

Pause button review: Scriggity

December 29, 2006

scriggity-scriggity2006122706455-172.jpgFamously named after the 1996 R&B hit ‘No Scriggity’ by Blackstreet,  Scriggity has the most phonetically pleasing name of any show on the internet. A full 98% of the end-of-the-year review episode consists of a series of questionable characters saying the word as part of some complicated community service sentence (or it may be “internet famous” video bloggers… I haven’t checked). However, what really sells the show is… (more…)

New Year Resolutions – less fighting mountain lions

December 28, 2006

resolution resolutionResolved to spend less time fighting mountain lions in 2007? I know that feeling. Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, it’s time to get up close and personal with the latest episode of For Parody Purposes Only – just click on the Hello Kitty bandaids on my big bald head. Or click here (Quicktime) or here (Flash).

Pause button review: Starring Amanda Congdon

December 24, 2006

The hair club for men, and AmandaStarring Amanda Congdon‘ opens with the first lady of videoblogging struggling to flag down passers-by for some vox-pop on the subject of Time’s (You are the) Person of the Year issue. It is, perhaps, a wry nod towards the relative nature of Congdon’s star power, as she hops back and forth between the small pond where she sits atop the ‘net-telly totem pole, and the bigger picture (in, I’m guessing, the Big Apple) where she’s just another girl-reporter with a microphone. Albeit the girl-reporter ABC have franchise-level hopes for. (more…)

Blogtag. From the mouths of MySpace babes (as in children…)

December 19, 2006

It’s the new sensation that’s a rockin’ the…. shit, vlogosphere doesn’t rhyme with sensation. Nation, however, does. I speak, of course, of the blog tag. The “five things I didn’t know about you”. I was mildly amused to see the video blogging world all agog (rhymes with vlog) over the novelty of posting and tagging their peers. Someone even made a chart of who’s tagging who in this meme.


Olde English, new-fangled medium

December 19, 2006

I post (increasingly) infrequently on Aspecialthing, which is “the premier comedy community on the internet” and a message board for what could fairly be described as passionate (alt-) comedy snobs. A while back I got into a bit of a posting pissing match over the merits of YouTube as a medium for comedy. The ASTers were up in arms because Brookers, who could fairly be described as a gap-toothed web-lebrity, had landed a deal of some sort with Carson Daly, thus snatching the burritos out of the mouths of starving alt-comedians the length of the land. Or something like that. (more…)