About this planet

Mark Day writes/performs/creates the internet show For Parody Purposes Only. You can see it here at Blip.tv

There’s a new episode once every week, more or less.

Mark explores the world of online video from a “format agnostic” perspective. That means he’s all over the map.

Mark posted his first video on YouTube in March of 2006. Today, he is one of the top hundred most subscribed contributors. His videos have viewed over two million views on that site alone.

You can find him on MySpace, where he posts more conversational video blogs in which he often answers questions and interacts with his MySpace subscribers. An entirely original idea, that.

Mark works professionally in online video, providing PR support to the leading independent video site Metacafe.

Video The Planet is Mark’s attempt to join some of the dots in his video worldview. He’s not big on the name. but all the ones he wanted were taken.

Mark notes that if online video is the new Hollywood (its not, but just saying…), and the most truthful maxim about Hollywood is, “no one knows anything”, then he’s off to a flying start.

E-mail mark at markdaycomedy -at- gmail

(additional factoids: Mark is Scottish, lives near San Francisco, likes jazz and Judas Priest, and also works as a copywriter. He has written for clients such as T-Mobile, MSN, Northrop Grumman and Jet Propulsion Laboratories.)


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