Pause button review: Scriggity

scriggity-scriggity2006122706455-172.jpgFamously named after the 1996 R&B hit ‘No Scriggity’ by Blackstreet,  Scriggity has the most phonetically pleasing name of any show on the internet. A full 98% of the end-of-the-year review episode consists of a series of questionable characters saying the word as part of some complicated community service sentence (or it may be “internet famous” video bloggers… I haven’t checked). However, what really sells the show is…

Shauna (sorry Drew), Scriggity host and the “Queen of the Interwebs” (widely believed to be a self-annointed crown, but in fact the result of a three-way cage match with Melinda “Mrs. Bill” Gates and Tipper “parental guidance stickers” Gore).

Other shows may capture the high-energy, low-attention-span aesthetic that an all-juiced-up-on-RedBull and Firefox audience can twitch their way through. But (unlike Zefrank, Amanda Congdon or Joanne Colan) Shawna really is a MySpace profile pic come to life – simultaniously wide-eyed and snarky, having an assortment of “hair days” and riffing on reader mail in increasingly esoteric tangents.

Using reader mail rather than current events as a starting point (other than making me jealous, having painted myself into the current affairs corner) makes for a fresh show, and the further Shawna wanders off topic, the better (say, the “replacement” Dukes of Hazzard – Scriggity wasn’t fooled…).

We (OK, I) will be looking at spin-off show The Blender in a few weeks time, as it promises to be different each episode. What we have learned from the first episode is that equally in-your-lens host Clintus can chug a bottle of maple syrup, but not quickly enough to make him a yahoo. Nice try, Clintus.

But back to Scriggity (and, yes, the Blender too). If there’s a little too much “geeks talking to geeks, about geek stuff” in videoblogging (for me, and I may be in the minority here…), Scriggity feels like a show that belongs on the T-Mobile Sidekicks of the MySpace nation. That may not be the effect they’re going for (I’ll check… when they submit to an interview…) but I’d love to see Scriggity rule the YouTubiverse (ahem) as well as the Vlogosphere (is that 2 g’s?) As, I’m sure, would R&B legends Blackstreet, who never expected their work to live on in such a winning manner.

No Scriggity? Yes Scriggity, actually.

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3 Comments on “Pause button review: Scriggity”

  1. Shauna Says:

    Haha. That article is freakin’ sweet.

    One thing though… “No Scriggity”?

    Im pretty sure our name came from something a little different.
    But you know…
    The Blackstreet reference is funny as hell.
    So no changes are needed.

    Thanks for the nice writeup dude.


  2. drew olanoff Says:

    Just saw this writeup for the first time. Thanks for watching!!! Actually, the Blackstreet song is “No Diggity”. But it’s equally as catchy.

    The show is going under some changes, but the core remains. Keep watching, send in your news, and stay scriggity!

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