The war on Christmas

You better watch out… What’s Santa bringing me for Christmas? Well, I already got a Panasonic 42″ Plasma, and by God, it’s gorgeous (and believe me, I had to do a lot of whining to get it past the House Appropriations Commitee). There’s no danger of me getting all my content from postcard sized laptop video windows for a while yet. I’m also getting a furrowed brow as I work my head around how best to bring my various podcast videos, MySpace “conversational” videos and general opinions on the video space into one place. Next on my agenda? Whining until someone helps me make a ‘subscribe’ button for my videos and helps me stick it in the sidebar. For now, if you haven’t seen ‘The War on Christmas’ you can click on my Santa hat (or here) and strap yourself in for another tour of duty.

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One Comment on “The war on Christmas”

  1. go over to feedburner

    paste this link in there

    click the i am a podcaster box

    then click next and follow along

    that should set you up with a subscribe button that will send subscribers videos that you post on here that are .mov file like the one on this post…

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