Blogtag. From the mouths of MySpace babes (as in children…)

It’s the new sensation that’s a rockin’ the…. shit, vlogosphere doesn’t rhyme with sensation. Nation, however, does. I speak, of course, of the blog tag. The “five things I didn’t know about you”. I was mildly amused to see the video blogging world all agog (rhymes with vlog) over the novelty of posting and tagging their peers. Someone even made a chart of who’s tagging who in this meme.

According to that chart, Jeff Pulver started it. According to his post, it’s just something that’s going around. Well, yeah. That kind of stuff has been rocking the MySpace Nation for quite some time. In fact, I did a lot of weaseling to get out of doing it a while back (because, on some cultural level, I can’t be passing any blog burden onto anyone else… it’s a British thing).

As my previous posts have noted, it’s my goal with this blog to be “format agnostic”. So I’m not sure whether it’s interesting that the MySpaceCadets just do this kind of stuff without any navel-gazing about what it does, nor mapping it out like mini-cartographers. They’re blissfully unaware that they’ve contracted some sort of meme. Or whether it is more interesting when people start to think about What This All means.

I can only assume that if the world of video is taking their leads from the MySpaceNation, all video blogs are going to be tricked out with sparkly HTML banners of unicorns humping lepricauns while wishing you a “Happy Hump Day” in your comments (I’m not linking to that, because it would make your eyes bleed, but they’re everywhere).

Anyway, I originally posted this on my MySpace blog, which gets a fair few views but none from – cough cough – vloggers. So I thought I’d post it here too, where no one at all will see it. It contains both my five Top Secret Secrets and a possum. Click here to view (Quicktime) or here (flash) or rub the cursor vigorously over my bald head below.

Desk job

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2 Comments on “Blogtag. From the mouths of MySpace babes (as in children…)”

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    I enjoyed reading your post. I guess you are wrong because somebody still read you blog post. 🙂

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