Running into the Running Fool

As I slouch through middle age, I am embracing my role as grumpy old man. Because, really, what are my options? I don’t actually keep the balls that the kids kick over the fence, but I may, on occasion, let them sit for a day or two first. That seems fair. Anyway, I read about the Running Fool‘s cross country tour de sports racer trip on the Zefrank Show Forum and have a vague memory of volunteering our spare room as a rest stop for the trip. Without ever explaining any of it to Mrs. Mark. Then, well, Sports Racer Cherish Hellfire actually called me on it. As things worked out, the Fool arrived in the Bay Area too late to make it out to Chez Mark, but did disrupt my previously scheduled Saturday evening of sitting at home being a grumpy old man to join the Sports Racers for kareoke. And it was fun.

You can see me and non-Sports Racer Mrs. Mark in Geek Entertainment TV’s Running Fool is the Human Baton episode. And once you’ve seen their professional interviewing technique, you can see my own encounter with the fool by clicking here (quicktime) or here (flash) or on  the photo below.

It is telling, of course, that I didn’t let Luke get a word in edgeways.

Mark buttons the Running Fool

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